CPCU 540 Workshop

Tue, 05/05/2015 - 11:44
by Billy Plantz

Memo From: Golden Empire CPCU Society
Date: April 19, 2015
Re: CPCU 540 Workshop
Did you know that CPCU Workshops are being offered in your office?
Did you know that you can complete all 4 of your CPCU foundation courses in a classroom environment or via videoconference with a qualified instructor whose goal is for you to succeed?
Did you know that the passing success rate for those who attend the CPCU Workshops on a regular basis is over 85% to date?
Did you know that you can get MBA credits through California State University Bakersfield when you complete the 4 core CPCU courses?
Did you know, for many positions within State Farm, having a CPCU or showing significant and active progress towards a CPCU designation can enhance your competitive position as a candidate?
Did you know you should ENROLL RIGHT NOW through www.aicpcu.org in order to get your books in time for the next CPCU Workshop?
CPCU 540 will be taught live at the Bakersfield Operations Center and via videoconference at select offices in the evenings 7-9 pm starting 5/12/15. The location of the workshop will be the videoconference rooms. The cost of each course is $150.00. State Farm will reimburse employees UP TO $125.00 toward the cost of one optional study aid per course upon successful completion of the course.
Future workshops will be offered as follows:
Course: Workshop Enrollment Period: Class Dates: Exam Period:
CPCU 540 Any time prior to 5/12/15 5/12/15- 8/18/15 July 15-September, 15 2015
CPCU 500 Any time prior to 11/17/15 11/17/15-2/23/16 January 16-March, 15 2016
CPCU 520 Any time prior to 5/17/16 5/17/14-8/16/16 July 16- September 15, 2016
CPCU 530 Any time prior to 11/14/16 11/14/16-2/20/17 January 17-March 15, 2017
This is an optional study program. You must enroll and register for the exam at www.aicpcu.org. For more information regarding enrollment please visit the company-sponsored program page. You can enroll for the workshop itself at http://www.csub.edu/mba/CPCU/index.html. Please contact CSUB regarding the specific MBA Program requirements.
Although one may enroll in the CPCU Workshop any time prior to the beginning of the workshop, it is recommended that you enroll for the course itself through www.aicpcu.org in advance in order to have your study materials in time for the workshop. Enrollment in the CPCU Workshop is completed independently of enrollment for the course.
You do not have to enroll or be enrolled at CSUB to take advantage of the opportunity to take the workshops. You also do not have to take advantage of the opportunity to earn MBA credits for passing the four courses. Many are taking the workshops as a tool to stay on track with their CPCU studies at a steady pace in preparation for their upcoming test.
Please check back at https://cagoldenempire.cpcusociety.org/ for information about the location, day and times of all future workshops.
Please contact Billy Plantz for additional information at 661-663-5654 or via e-mail (GM4J).

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